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May 17, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!

Hello Sunshines! Today was not too stressful even though final exam is draining me. I hate exam and I guess most of you are on the same boat with me. I started my day with reading text book. Feel like I can pat on my shoulder now as I spent 4 hours reading text book successfully without any distractions.Yay!!! So now I only have 2 more topics to be covered before my exam tomorrow- Statistics and National Education Philosophy. Must struggle on these topics.

Oh before it's too late..Happy Teacher's Day. This year is my first year celebrating Teacher's Day as a teacher. Well, half-teacher. I'm still waiting for the posting letter and yet, the exam hasn't finished. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers and lecturers and whoever who had taught and shaped me to become a better person. Thank you, thank you and thank you so much. Oh, not to forget thanks to my students and friends for their wishes. And to all my colleagues, Happy Teacher's Day.

Well this post graduate teacher's course that I attend will soon be over. Which mean I have to be prepared and get ready for the real life as a teacher. Where am I going to be posted, I don't have any idea. Just leave it to God. Me? Struggling to get rid of worries while waiting for the posting letter.

Just look at the bright side. Be optimistic!

Last night my ex called me. He is now a teacher-a successful teacher,teaching at a secondary school in Sabah. If I will be posted there, I will be so grateful. Well at least I have someone there who can take care of me. I don't know why am I so happy when he called me last night. We were wishing each other Happy Teacher's day..and we were talking about exam- thanks for your motivation- and we were recapturing our sweet memories back..and we were like..owh, you still remember this and that??!!
And then he came into my dream last night. It's so weird. err..okay. Finish. Don't want to talk about it. Owh, really??Hurm...well maybe. I don't know.

Okay then. Have to continue on my revision.
I'm happy. Alhamdulillah.


Hugs and Kisses,

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eLianEz said...

happy teacher's day! hihi..