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April 02, 2010


After having a therapy with one of my friend, I'm now realized that how lucky I am. Having such a patient partner in life, I should be thankful and grateful. He never broke up with me even if I asked for it. He said it is not worth it to break up just because of small things. And me, who always being the sensitive one, never ever think wisely even though I know that every problems have it possible solutions. He knew who I am. I always love to let out words from my mouth without thinking.

It is true that he was the one who always break my heart. But I should know that he didn't mean to. He is human too. And human do make mistakes in life, purposely or not purposely. Right?

I love this relationship so much. Therefore, I should have faith in it. Thanks to my friend for her advice. It really makes me realized that in a relationship, there should be a "give and take" situation. I cannot hope for something if I couldn't even trust him and trust our relationship. Guys are a way different from us. They have their own way of showing their love, without having to put aside their ego. And we as women, we should never let go if we still want to try. Avoid to be controlled by emotions. Emotions could kill a relationship. And it happens.

Now, I shall appreciate his determination and perseverance in treating me as his lover. And me, I should be emotionless for the small things that happened.


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