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February 04, 2010


Hi everyone! First of all, sorry because I have been absent for a while from this rambling thingy. Did you guys miss me? You miss me?Really? How sweet of you! I miss you guys too!
As usual, I won't tell you the reason of I have been away because it's so damn typical like always. It's one of the reason that most people used to choose till death. Everybody knows it so well.
Okay...where should I start my story-mory thing? Should I write about my feeling first? or should I write about my career? My beloved students? Which one, which one???Well........ actually I have no interesting story-mory to be shared. As you all know....My hectic-superb-busy life had just started. Yahooo!!!!!!! I don't even have time to switch on my baby lappy. I don't even have time to go out and have a very nice dinner. I don't even have time to take a nap after work. I don't even have time to hug Mr. Brownie after work. All I have is time to finish my workload. What a life..................
I admit that I'm superb busy lately. I wake up at 5.30 a.m. or maybe 6.00 a.m. sometimes. Then I sleep around 1-2 in the morning. See? If only you were in my shoes.... But the good thing of being in the state of "hoping for 25 hours a day" is that I managed to put aside my feeling of anxiety and eats away all my worries. And that makes me happy. Happiness in the middle of stress. Apakah?
Today my lecturer came and observed me at school. Well...he said overall okay. But I need to improve more on:
1. Giving input to students. He said I have to try to be like them so that I could evaluate and ensure that what I'm going to deliver is understood by them. Erm...how am I suppose to put myself in a 9 years old child's shoes?
2. Louder my voice. He said that I'm so soft. I should be more tough. I'm not like that. I don't know how to raise my voice. Erm...tell me. How should I change this?

Okay then. I need to hug my Mr. B. He's waiting. Till then.

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WaWa said...

i miss being busy.....