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January 21, 2010

I am now.........................

craving for more chocolates! It translated into extra and superb stress..blend with rich frustration and mild unstable emotion for me. A very perfect description, don't you think?

I bet i'm not the only woman in this world who needs chocolates more than everything. *Of course money do come first! Always* Especially when you are not in a very good mood. I just finished my half full packet of Daim within 10 minutes. Aha! Sounds like I'm so not stable right now.

Women had always described chocolates with one word- Sinful. But despite so, did you guys know that 99% of all women love chocolate and they may actually prefer chocolate more that everything, even sex? Yes. I made a research just now by reading articles and past researches about choc & women, which I found out to be so much interesting!! But I guess it's not just the women who love it..I bet almost everybody would love it too.

Okay....Tell me one thing. Who can resist the pleasant taste of the rich chocolate when it melted in your mouth? I'm sure it delivers a very superb wonderful taste right through your tongue, doesn't it?Well...according to an article, phenylethylamine inside chocolate gives it a very wonderful taste. It is the same chemical that released in your brain when you fall in love? Which means leading you to that increase in the pounding of your heart - or should I say a sudden gush of excitement feeling. Some people used to call it as "Love Chemical".Enough for the fact for now. You can continue reading the facts of chocolate and women on your own. Where to find? Just google for it lah!!!!

I'm truly madly deeply craving for chocolates. It's not that I'm stress with work. No. Not at all. I love my job as much as I love kids. It's about my relationship. I need chocolates to help me in implementing emotional intelligence competency. I really do.

Oh yes! Before that, to all dudes who read my blog, chocolate will be a perfect gift for your love. Just like buying roses during anniversary or maybe birthday, chocolate can never go wrong. And hey, did you know that roses also contained the "Love Chemical"- Phenylethylamine? That explains for its distinct scent. The both could be the best combination ever, don't you think? Urgh....enough!enough! I need chocolates. Please send me one!

2 babbles:

eLianEz said...

babe, h0w's everything? s0rry I can't give u a call.. my ph0ne g0t barred.. i deal with it ASAP..

AKMAR said...

how's everything? err...dun have the answer for that question at the moment.