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November 05, 2009


Akma sedang teringat zaman-zaman ketika belajar di university dulu. *ceh..semacam sudah lama je tinggalkan UiTM..* Sepanjang di UiTM dulu, saya paling suka tahun kedua pengajian saya. I really miss my sophomore year so much. You know why? Because I love both experimental food and food culture subject. I remember when me and my team struggling to produce dragonfruit marshmellow. And I still can remember our trip to Melaka to complete our assignment on Portugese food and culture. And having a very nice lunch buffet at Mandarin Oriental KL. Guys..I really miss those moments. And I really miss you guys.
The other reason of why I love my sophomore year is.....ehem..sebab masa ni masih lagi berbunga-bunga cinta. Maklumlah baru sahaja berpacaran. Everything was so sweet! Study together kat library. Wah...Rindunya!If only I could turn back time..just for once..Saya nak balik ke university coz I miss my campus life. I miss all of my friends. Till then.


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