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February 02, 2009

Me vs Him

I always want to go for a date with him while he keep looking for excuses and don't want to see me.
I'm a big fan of Arsenal while he is a big fan of Manchester United.
I'm showing my love to him while he tries so hard to hide his love for me.
I travel across miles just to see him while he only waits for me to come and see him.
I always have time for him while he always have time for his friends, not for me.
I always try my best to be perfect for him while he keep on promise me that he will change,soon.
My family blessed our relationship while his family still doesn't know about the existence of our relationship.
I said "I love you more than before" while he said "People change and so do I".
I never cancel our date while canceling a date is his expertise.
I always try my best not to make him cry while he always let my tears running down on my face.
What should I do? 2 years past and I don't know how much longer I could stand for it.
I need chocolate now. Till then~

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